About us

Our names are Louise and Amir Eilon. We came into this business when our daughter went to university: we bought a property which she and her friends rented because we were appalled by the standard of some of the properties on offer. Since then our portfolio has grown but we try to ensure the standards are such that we would be happy for our own son or daughter to be a tenant.

We are based in London but we have Property Managers in Manchester who visit the properties regularly and they are our tenantsí first point of contact when/if something goes wrong with the property. All tenants also have our direct contact details.

At the beginning of the tenancy we or our Property Managers meet you at the property not only to hand over the keys but also to ensure that you know how all the equipment works and you know what to do if anything goes wrong. At this time we give you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement and the Inventory . We will give you the property in a clean and orderly state and expect to receive it back at the end of the tenancy in a similar condition, subject to normal wear and tear.

We have tried to describe the properties fairly and accurately but will take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. It is incumbent on each Tenant to satisfy themselves with the property and the facilities before entering into the Tenancy Agreement.