How to rent a property

Download documents

Download our tenancy and guarantor agreements in Word document form by clicking the links below:
Selecting a property

Please look through the properties we have for letting and choose one (or a few) that you may like to rent. Our properties are let to a group so be sure that you have decided who you will be living with and that all members of the group are happy with the choice.

Then please contact us (email: or telephone Louise on 07887703520). We will make arrangements for you to meet the existing tenants and view the property – and make sure you ask them how they have found dealing with us as their landlords. Occasionally Louise is not available: it may be useful to look at our blog accessed by clicking on the Manchester Lettings Blog at the bottom of this page and there will be a message posted there about who to contact.

If you decide to go ahead this is the procedure:

  1. All members of the group must review the generic Tenancy Agreement which can be downloaded by clicking on the Tenancy Agreement in the box at the top of this page. You must tell your guarantor (one of your parents) of your plans and get them to review the Guarantor Agreement (downloaded in the same way as the Tenancy Agreement). Once each member of the group has done this and you all agree to proceed, telephone Louise to state which property you definitely want.

  2. Louise will tell you on the phone that the property has been reserved for you. This may be immediately or take a few days. You will agree with her who is to be Group Leader (see Tenancy Deposit section) and you will have to decide on the group reference and password.

  3. All members of the group must register their details on the website. This must be done accurately and with all sections completed as the information is used directly in all the documentation.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Name - should be your full name not a nickname;
    • Address - is the address where you are currently living in Manchester;
    • Email - Make sure that you state the email address that you most commonly use as Louise communicates with the group by email. Sometimes the field size will not let you fill in the full email address; if this is the case then put in as much as you can and email Louise separately ( telling her your full email address;
    • Holiday address - this is usually your home(parents) address;
    • Guarantor details - self explanatory;
    • Referee - We take up references on you from your current landlord or your hall of residence. If you are in a rented house then you should fill in full details in this section so that we have contact details of your current landlord. If you are in Halls of Residence and you have given us the address in the first section under your name then you can leave this section blank;

  4. The Group Leader can do this for each member or each individual can do it for themselves provided they use the same Group Reference in the appropriate field and use the same password. The Group Leader should send the Reservation Deposit of £50 per group member – i.e. a group of 6 needs to collect and send us £300 (cheque made payable to L. Eilon and sent to 1 Firs Avenue, London N10 3LY). This deposit will form part of the total Tenancy Deposit but PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE if you back out at a later stage. If you want to send the money by bank transfer please contact Louise for the bank account details.


Louise will then send to the Group Leader your Tenancy Agreement for all members of the group to sign. If it is not possible for all members of the group to sign one document (eg. some may be abroad) please tell Louise and individual agreements will be sent to those members of group that this applies to. At the same time Louise will send a Guarantor Agreement to each of your guarantors.

We will then take up references from your current landlord or halls of residence.

The property will then be reserved for you for a period of 2 weeks. By the end of this time we must receive the signed Tenancy Agreement/s, the signed Guarantor Agreements and the remainder of the full deposit (that is the deposit minus the amount already paid for the reservation deposit) which should be sent with the Tenancy Agreement unless otherwise agreed with Louise (eg some parents may want to send this directly).


Provided your references are satisfactory, and all the money and documents are received then the first stage is completed and the property is definitely yours from the stated start of the tenancy.


You will hear nothing until mid April/May. At this time you will receive information on how to set up the standing order to pay the rent. Do act on this as soon as you get the letter otherwise you may forget to set up the standing order and this causes problems about moving in. This has to be done in good time to pay the first rent on 22nd June. All rent must be received before any keys are handed over.

In the letter that gives the instructions on how to set up the standing order, you will also be asked to make an appointment with Louise to pick up the keys of the house. This may be on the first day of the tenancy or during the following week. We know it is the holidays but we ask for at least two people from the group (preferably the group leader and at least one other) to meet us at the property. The meeting takes about an hour and a half. We explain how various things in the house work (eg the heating), what to do if anything goes wrong, give you various instructions and we go through the inventory and those present sign it. You will be left with a copy of the inventory.

The people meeting us have the responsibility of distributing the keys to those tenants who are not there and to pass on the information which is discussed. It is important that you put the utilities in your name from the start of the tenancy and you will be told how to do this at the meeting.